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Creator God – a hymn

This is a hymn I wrote while living in Melbourne when three churches were struggling around the issues about whether and how to unite. There was a tremendous mix of ideas and emotions that this stirred up and the congregations, at times, found the stuggle to come to terms with these almost overwhelming. This hymn was written shortly after a particularly difficult meeting of representatives of all three congregations.

Creator God, forever creating,
Changing our lives, re-creating us still,
May we accept the challenge you offer,
To live our whole lives in response to your will.

We offer you our different opinions,
Listening to all who want to be heard,
Help us to learn that in talking with others,
We may be hearing your guiding word.

Some here are hurting, some here excited,
Others are absent, but present in prayer,
Free us to look for what you want for us,
Keep us united by our love and care.

Honour our memories of friends we have buried;
Hopeful young couples joined in this place;
New birth baptised in life-giving water,
Mourning and joy transformed by your grace.

Help us to deal with large sums of money,
Balancing our needs with those of the poor.
Give us a vision of your love in action,
Planning our buildings so we can love more.

So bless these buildings, so bless your people,
So bless our thinking led by your love
May we create a church for our children,
Worthy of you, God, creator above.

Tune: Bunessan (Morning has broken)

Note: I don’t really believe in a “creator above” and have had several attempts at re-writing the last verse but have never achieved anything that I think matches what I’ve already written. I’d be happy to have suggestions.