The Woman at the Well (John 4:4-42)

Translations and transliterations

Bible Gateway This link takes you to the Good News Translation but you can easily select others within the site. As always the Message transliteration is worth checking out.
Laughing bird One of my favourite transliterations from an Australian web-site.
My own I felt I had to try and make sense of this for myself to tell it convincingly as a story and this is what I came up with.

Videos retelling story directly.

  From the recent film Mary Magdalene (2018) Quite a clean retelling with of the Bible story with small additions to give context. The most believable of the costume drama videos I’ve looked at?.
Fairly straightforward retelling in modern language translation, not convinced by acting.
Better acting but old fashioned translation with lots of thees and thous.
  Another old fashioned translation.

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