Parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30)

Translations and paraphrases

Bible Gateway This link takes you to the Good News Translation but you can easily select others within the site.
The parable of the unjust economic system by Alison Sampson. (Hosted on This is the version of the parable that first attracted my interest in whether the conventional understanding of this parable is the correct one. I was skeptical at first but have become more and more convinced over time.
My own Heavily influenced by Alison’s story, but I wanted to push it a little further with a non-Biblical ending.
The Parable of the Talents: Retold by Sajjeev Antony Another retelling from someone who couldn’t believe the story was told by Jesus in its current form.

Videos retelling story with a twist

2018-07-24.png Modern re-telling aimed at children but brings out some of the worrying features of the story as it is conventionally told. Would Jesus really have presented stock market speculation as a vision of how we should create wealth? Would he really have represented God as a rather self-satisfied business man modelled on Alan Sugar?
Interesting video from Symon Hill recounting his experiences of telling this story to people who have never heard it before and who generally sympathise with the third servant.
Imaginative telling with candles.

Videos retelling story directly.

  Straightforward filming of Jesus telling the parable from the Authorised version. Doesn’t really add anything to the basic story.